Chapter III. Aged 45. Sabbatical, September 2016. The Meeting of New Friends, Feeling Like Old Friends

This is the long-awaited fifth-page in a longer blog entitled Antiquing–The Literary Way (A Book and Its Travels)Do click on this link and read the first page (and then the second, third…), if you have come to this page without doing so.

Are you still here, dear reader?

I know! I know! It’s been two years since I left you waiting, waiting in the middle of my story no less. I bet you haven’t moved at all in anticipating the arrival of my next installment—you must have cobwebs hanging from your fingers onto the dusty keyboard, you’ve lain in wait so long.

My apologies for the delay!

Where did I leave off?

Let’s see . . .

summer 2016 . . .

I wandered around London and Cardiff Bay . . .

ah yes, I remember, in September I headed to Northampton to meet Graham and give him my much-treasured Shakespeare to be rebound.

WP_20160913_029Graham picked me up from the hotel in the morning, and we headed out for our literary adventure.

Our first stop was the leather museum.

I bet you’re thinking, leather museum?

Like S&M and leather whips?

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Truth be told, I thought this as well. I had no idea what was really in store for me.

WP_20160913_008.jpgWhat I found was not exactly a museum—yet—but rather, more like storage rooms stacked to the ceiling with boxes filled with hidden treasures.

Graham then said the words to unleash the magic, “Yes, open up any of the boxes. See what’s inside.”

I was able to open boxes and remove whatever objects lay inside, to touch and open leather-bound books, unclasping the hinges that hadn’t been opened for centuries, to examine the writing within. Travel trunks and suitcases with stickers from faraway lands. “Perhaps I will find Hemingway’s lost manuscript in one of these leather satchels,” I dreamed. “Did you check this for secret compartments?” I questioned, knocking on a travel wardrobe trunk.

I would have been more than happy to play all day with the objects in the boxes, but Graham had an agenda for us and only a single day to accomplish it all. What’s next I wondered?

You may (or may not at this point, for it has been nearly two years) recall Graham and I had never met in person. Yet, before we left the museum, Phil, Graham’s friend from the National Leather Collection (and current curator) pointed out, “I would have thought you had known each other for a long time.” Indeed, I felt I’d known Graham forever. We had quickly become friends in real life and not just virtual.

Come with us and see what wonders this day held…

(I won’t make you wait as long to continue the story, so dust off those cobwebs, but don’t wander too far)

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