Page One of the Literary Tome: Antiquing–The Literary Way (A Book and Its Travels)

I was in the middle of writing a different entry in my blog, but kept thinking about writing the entry you are about to embark on. I put what I was working on aside…it will be good and worth the wait, I’m sure, but some thoughts are more pressing than others, and currently my day of literary explorations will not leave me to write in peace. It was such an exciting time. Don’t you care to hear about it?

Alright already, I’ll write about you, literary travel memories. Oy. Pushy little thoughts.

It all happened one glorious day in Northampton, England. Or, well, it started in Northampton, but moved beyond. OK, let me just tell the story already.

Floating on my back in the pool at the Raddison in Northampton, I tried to picture what the following day would hold. The echoing sound of water in my ears. The warm water–

No, no, no, no, no. This story actually started long before this day in Northampton. I need to go back in time. Pardon me while I get the prologue of this story down. Click the link below to travel back in time where this momentous, magical day really started…

Prologue: Fall semester 1994. Aged 24. State University of New York, College at New Paltz.

Chapter I. Aged 45. February 2016. Orlando, Florida. Pre-sabbatical.

Chapter II. Aged 45 Continued. An Epistolary Tale of a Blossoming Friendship

Chapter III. Aged 45. Sabbatical, September 2016. The Meeting of New Friends, Feeling Like Old Friends

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