Can We Prepare the Camembert?

I hate cooking because of all the steps involved–find a recipe, go shopping for ingredients, then follow the recipe. Too many steps. So my first recipe was inspired by the camembert mom already had in her fridge. She said she was trying to find a good way to bake it.

I decided to look in Cooking for Jeffrey to see what Camembert recipes the Barefoot Contessa might have. “Camembert & Proscuitto Tartines” was perfect. Yes, I’d still have to shop, but mom already had most of the ingredients: camembert, thyme, salt, and pepper. All we needed to pick up was the prosciutto and a “round rustic country bread.”

I laid out all the ingredients and set to work, cutting the bread.

I was a bit too zealous with the cutting. I made them small to match the picture in the book, when I was supposed to keep them long, only to cut them after I’d broiled. Not sure if this made a difference…

Slice the Camembert and place on the slices of bread. Mom helped separate the prosciutto, covering the Camembert. Then I sprinkled on the thyme, kosher salt, and pepper. I wondered about the salt, though. Laurie says I might be a super taster…I have sensitivity to tastes. No salt on my hard-boiled egg, while Laurie pours it on. Actually, I rarely add salt to my food at all. If I ask for salt, the food is bland, indeed. However, I am inexperienced when it comes to the Barefoot Contessa’s work, so I followed her recipe. I added salt.

It came out perfectly! Looked just like the picture!

The salt, however, was too much for mom, too much for me. Next time, I’ll skip the salt. Prosciutto and cheese both have plenty of salt. The thyme, the pepper…that’s all it needs. But this was most certainly yum: crispy. crunchy. cheesy goodness. I’m so proud of me!


Not too shabby for my first Cooking Attempt with the Barefoot Contessa!

And thanks for your help, mom!

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