Chapter I. Aged 45. February 2016. Orlando, Florida. Pre-sabbatical.

This is the third page in a longer blog entitled Antiquing–The Literary Way (A Book and Its Travels)Do click on this link and read the first page (and then the second page), if you have come to this page without doing so. 

I could tell you a story about these past 24 years, a divorce, two more moves, a new degree, my dream job, and the book of Shakespeare plays not faring well through it all, its cover almost detached from the pages within.

The story of my 45th year, however, is a most amazing one. It is a wonderful tale of the universe bringing people together, lovely, magical coincidences and human connections making my story into an adventure.

I volunteer as lead copy editor for a journal called ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830 and have been active in the Aphra Behn Society in past years. 2016 was an election year in the society, time to choose a new member-at-large. I personally knew one of the candidates but wanted to see what the other candidates had to offer. As a conscientious voter, I did my homework and read through the bios, stopping with glee at this happy tidbit:

“Graham Lampard is a bookbinder in Northampton, England.”

A bookbinder?

And a member of my most trusted Aphra Behn Society?

And from England?

Why, yes, universe, I understand.

My sabbatical to England was still six months away. In the meantime, I looked up Lampard’s book binding business online, Craftsman Binders, pinned it to my sabbatical board on Pinterest and considered whether I would show up at his business unannounced while in the UK, book in hand, or contact him in advance.

Oh, and I voted for him for member-at-large, though sadly he did not win.

Less than a month until my trip, I emailed Graham and set the universe in motion.

Click the link below to eavesdrop on the correspondence that followed…

Chapter II. Aged 45 Continued. An Epistolary Tale of a Blossoming Friendship

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