Are You Sure This Isn’t a Mountain?

Oh, hello! Sleep well?

I just ran the two miles here. Great run. Great views of the seaside, the restaurants, hotels, and tourists.

Pull up a chair, there’s room at my table. Would you like a cuppa? Grab yourself a scone, too.

Look right here behind The Kiosk is the path up to Beachyhead. path-up-the-hill

Um…no, I wasn’t planning on doing this right now. I just came for tea and scones. My to do list for the day is complete.

On the other hand, you do have a point.

It is right here.

And we are right here.

There is much logic in this, my friend. So I say, yes! Let’s just go up to the top of the hill and take a look. I have my water bottle, but you can buy bottled water here, and we can go see what’s at the top of that hill. Just to the top of the hill, that’s all. Then we’ll come back. Short excursion…

Time to climb to the top of the hill. Race  ya? Heheh. I don’t think so.

Crikey, I haven’t climbed a hill like this in years. Hey, let’s stop halfway.

Turn around. Let’s take in this view (shhh…it’s as good an excuse as any to take a rest. I won’t tell if you won’t tell. It’s a good cover story).

This is stunning in every direction. Toward the city, back the way we came. Toward the countryside. Toward the channel.

the-hill-just-keeps-going-upShall we stop here? I bet the view is even better at the top, and we’re halfway there. We will just go to the top. See? There’s only this small hill to go.

Well, and this green path also moving in the upward direction… still half way to go up the hill.jpg

We made it!

We have really come a long way! Look how tiny Eastbourne looks!

We will go to the edge and turn around and go back home from there.

Remember how confusing the markers were on the Wye Valley? Arrows pointing at each other. Arrows pointing in two different directions. Arrows pointing to the left but the path going straight ahead.

This trail is much better. Plus, we can clearly see the Channel is to the left, countryside everywhere else.

Let’s go on this path to the left. It seems as if everyone else is going to the right. This one has to move closer to the Channel. It’s the path less taken!

magical fairy pathway.jpg

It’s making all the difference!

               This is an enchanting, magical fairy path.

                                    Shall we take these stairs?

shall we take these steps.jpg

The view is better and better the closer to the edge we get. WP_20160830_013.jpg

Finally, the cliffs are in sight. I’m so glad you agreed to go beyond the top of the hill with me.

Wide open hills beyond, cliffs below, the sky goes on and on. So gorgeous. Cliffs so white.

I can imagine King Lear‘s blind Gloucester wandering up the hill, wanting to throw himself over the cliff.

I know. I know. That was actually the Cliffs of Dover. But the image still holds.

This trail has been so different from the enclosed, tight spaces leading to fields going on and on into the distance. And the way is clear. No nettles. No stiles to climb over. No gates to unlock. And, except for the magical fairy path, no tree cover to block the sun.

Speaking of the sun. We should probably go back now. It has been such a lovely day, but since we left directly after my run, I–once again–didn’t bring any sunblock. I am feeling rather burned.

Thank you f–



If you’re sure. I don’t want you to get burned as well.

Ok, let’s go see Beachyhead up close and personal. Hurray! I’m already burned. Let’s go on!

Beachyhead is a very historical place. The last view of England many soldiers saw before they died during battle in WWII.

Perhaps someone should have proofread their plaques, though…

he has the best view.jpg Wow.

This guy.

He has the best view.



I’m going to get some great shots of this view…and myself. Time to practice my selfie-taking skills. They’re a bit lacking.

Too much squinting…

I don’t know where to look….

But black and white makes me look good. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You talked me into coming this far, so it’s my turn. I’m going to push you to go even farther. I have my fingers crossed that there is a place with food just ahead…and hopefully a loo.


Ice creeeeeeeeeam! And a cloudy lemonade. Yes, please.

No loo. We will have to hold it for the wp_20160830_047six or so miles back.

Can you believe how far we’ve come?

Too bad we’re not staying here at Belle Tout B&B. We’d be home!

And homeward we shall go.


What’s this? Oh right. I heard about this.

A gentleman at a cafe in town asked me if I knew what Beachyhead was grave-markers-at-beachyheadfamous for. My response was, of course, the history during WWII. But he responded that Beachyhead is the number two (behind the San Francisco Bridge) favorite place to commit suicide.

Thus the grave markers.

…and on a happier note…

It’s nice to see the lighthouse and cliffs from both sides…

Thank you so much for coming along with me. Isn’t it nice to hike a well-marked, open trail? To not have to stress about whether we are going the right direction or getting completely lost?

Sometimes it is fun doing the unplanned. And all the time it is most fun doing the unplanned with you.


3 thoughts on “Are You Sure This Isn’t a Mountain?

  1. Wow!! So beautiful. It is so special seeing the beauty you are enjoying in person. I have appreciated you letting us go along with you on this journey. I am so happy for you that this journey has been wonderful. Talk to you soon. Love you

    Liked by 1 person

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